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New iPhone is revealed!

For the past 2 months, there has been a constant streams of rumors and leaked photos on the internet of a possible new model for the popular iPhone. Well, wait no more. Apple has just announced a new version of the iPhone: the iPhone 3G S. The “S” apparently stands for “Speed,” with Apple indicating that the new device is “the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.” I figures a large number of iPhone fans who have been waiting for the new model will be disappointed to learn that there is no changes to the physical appearance of the new iPhone.

There will be two versions of the iPhone 3G S available, in the United States initially at least: 16GB for $199 (RM704.45), and 32GB for $299 (RM1058.45), and they’ll both be available on 19th of June. Meanwhile, Apple also announced that it would be dropping the price on the current generation iPhone – iPhone 3G – to $99 (RM350.45) (ouch to those who’ve just signed up with Maxis on ridiculous mobile plans. Serve you right Pity you guys, awww).


Other features of the iPhone 3G S include longer battery life, a high-quality 3 megapixel autofocus camera, easy to use video recording and hands free voice control. The device will include version 3.0 of iPhone’s OS software, which adds “more than 100 new features,” most notably copy/paste, MMS, and a new “find my iPhone” feature that helps you track down a missing device.

The iPhone 3.0 software will be available a couple days before the new device (on June 17th) as a free upgrade to existing iPhone users, and $9.95 (RM35.22) for those with an iPod Touch.

Now, the next question would be, when will this iPhone 3G S comes to Malaysia? Can’t wait to know how much it’ll cost as well! Keep your fingers crossed folks.

For more detailed information and specs, head on to Apple’s website.

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Random Reflections

KFC increasing their price again!

Just came back from a KFC outlet. One of their employee showed me their newly-printed menus. No it’s not a design revamp or new corporate image. KFC is going to increase their price again, starting tomorrow! I said again because they have just hiked their price not too long ago. From tomorrow, a set of Dinner Plate (3 pieces of chicken) without any drink will cost RM10.35 before tax, a RM0.55 or 5.6% increase from the current price of RM9.80.

I am sure they can come out with a dozen excuses why this recent hike is justifiable and bla bla bla. But your price is already one of the highest in the world (dollar-to-dollar and proportions to average income) and can you actually deny you are reaping million of ringgits of profit annually? In fact, your company recorded your highest ever net profit in 2008, with profit of RM118,000,000. And your net profit of RM28.7mil for the first quarter of 2009 was 1.4% higher than Q1 2008, so you are already on track to break yet another record. So why do you have to burden the rakyat somemore?!?

I’ve been loving and enjoying KFC for decades, since I started stockpiling cholestrol when I was a little kid. Now with this unreasonable price hike, hmm…I’m not sure I would want to patronize KFC so frequent anymore. I am weak, I don’t think I can bring myself to boycott them totally. ;-P But for those who are stronger than I am, please…go ahead and show them that consumers won’t be forced to fatten KFC’s director’s wallets anymore!

While on my part, I will post up reviews of other alternative sources for fried chicken soon. It would be especially helpful for people who can’t survive without a regular dosage of artery-choking meal of fried poultry.