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Spiderman made it to the top of KLCC, finally!

The famous French climber, Alain Robert, dubbed the Spiderman for his crazy & daring climbs finally managed to scale all the way up to the top of KLCC’s Petronas Twin Towers this morning. The picture below showed the daredevil standing proudly on the tip of the spire, which stands at 451.9 metres from the ground level.

Spot the Spiderman!

Despite the heavy rain in the morning, Alain Robert started his third attempt to conquer this steel landmark. Both his attempts in 1997 and 2007 were thwarted when the authorities stopped & detained him at the 60th floor, 28 floors short of the 88-storey skyscraper.

Alain Robert, seen here during his 2007’s 2nd attempt at KLCC.

While I do not condone reckless actions of endangering someone’s own life, I do however respect this French Spiderman’s determination, guts & superb scaling skills. Do you know he scaled all those famous buldings/structures (Chicago’s Sears Tower, Taipei’s 101, Paris’ Eiffel Tower & etc) with his bare hands and only some chalk powder?! No ropes, no safety locks… *gulp*

Will post up more photos as soon as I get them.


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