Random Reflections

Walking down the memory lane

Wow, reading back my blog postings is like a flashback to my younger phases of life. Really miss my blogging days, especially food blogging of course! Should I start blogging again? Hmmm…

Random Reflections

A decade of thoughts

Wow it’s been exactly 10 years since I started this blog here. Of coz a lot has changed in this one decade, including the definition of a blog. How I wish I still have the time and passion to blog regularly. Oh well.

Random Reflections

A very meaningful & touchy song

Thank you – by The Katinas

Just a little while longer I wanna pray
Can’t get You off my mind so I came to say
Thank You Lord just for loving me
Many times as I do forget
Every need that You have met
Oh thank You Lord, I know You’re showing me
You are there when I am down and out
You’re holding me, Your love is so amazing
Oh it changed me

Here I am with all I am Raise my hands to worship You
I wanna say thank you, oh thank you
For everything, for who You are
You cover me, You touch my heart
I wanna say thank you

I could have died in my sin but You saved me
Didn’t have any hope at all
You gave me peace divine, strength to carry on
I should have been the one to pay
But instead You took my place
My Jesus, words cannot explain
Even though I don’t deserve Your love for me
You look beyond my fault and You showed mercy


I wanna say thank you for the sun
I wanna say thank you for the rain
Everything You do is beautiful
I’m so grateful for Your love

Random Reflections

Sad story involving the Pixar’s movie UP

ANIMATED movie Up may have been Pixar’s second-biggest hit after grossing US$290million ($420m) to date, but it is the story before its release that has touched many.

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UP: An undated photo of 10-year-old Colby Curtin, who was diagnosed with vascular cancer. She died hours after watching Pixar’s animated movie Up, which was her wish before she died. PICTURE: AP

Ten-year-old cancer-stricken Colby Curtin got her final wish to watch the movie in a private screening in her home.

Seven hours later, she died.

She was too sick to go to a theatre, but a family friend got in touch with the movie studio Pixar. They sent an employee of the Emeryville-based company to Colby’s home with a DVD copy of the movie, The Orange County Register reported.

Colby’s mother, Mrs Lisa Curtin, said she had asked her daughter if she could hang on until the movie arrived.

‘I’m ready (to die), but I’m going to wait for the movie,’ she said her daughter replied.

Colby was diagnosed with vascular cancer on 23Dec 2005 after doctors found a tumour in her liver.

Up is the animated tale of a grumpy old man who, after his wife’s death, tries to fulfil their joint dream of visiting South America by tying thousands of balloons to his house and floating away.

Colby had gone for a DreamWorks 3-D movie, Monsters Vs. Aliens on 28 April. But she was impressed by the previews to Up.

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‘It was from then on, she said, that ‘I have to see that movie. It is so cool,’ family friend Carole Lynch said.

Colby was a movie fan, said Mrs Curtin, and she latched onto Pixar’s movies because she loved animals.

But the girl’s health began to deteriorate two days after she watched Monsters Vs. Aliens.

On 4 Jun, Mrs Curtin asked a hospice company to provide a wheelchair so that her daughter could go to a movie theatre, but the chair was not delivered over the weekend, she said.

Five days later, Colby was too sick to go anywhere.

Another family friend, Mr Terrell Orum, called both Pixar and Disney, which owns the animation studio.

The message was received by Pixar officials, who agreed to send someone to Colby’s house the next day with a copy of Up for a private screening, Orum said.

The employee arrived with the DVD, stuffed animals of characters and other movie memorabilia.

Couldn’t open her eyes

Colby was unable to open her eyes to see the movie so her mother described the scenes.

‘When I watched it, I had really no idea about the content of the theme of the movie,’ Colby’s mother told the Register.

‘I just know that word Up and all of the balloons and I swear to you, for me, it meant that (Colby) was going to go up. Up to heaven.’

When her mother asked if she enjoyed it, the girl nodded, Curtin said.

The Pixar employee left after the movie, taking the DVD, which at that time, had not been released.

Ms Lynch, who was with the family during the screening, said the employee was teary.

Her mother said one of the souvenirs left by the Pixar employee was an ‘adventure book’ based on a scrapbook that, in the movie, is kept by the wife of the main character.

‘I’ll have to fill those adventures in for her,’ Mrs Curtin said of her daughter.

Random Reflections

Penang’s 1988’s Jetty Collapse Tragedy

I was watching a local Mandarin news programme on Astro when I saw the preview of a special segment on a victim of the 1988’s Penang ferry terminal tragedy. No idea what I am talking about?

Well on the 31st July, 1988, the Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal (Penang Ferry Jetty) in Butterworth, suddenly collapsed due to severe overcrowding and weak steel bars structure of the jetty. The collapse caused 32 deaths and at least 1674 people were injured, most of the devotees rushing to the Penang Island for the Kuan Yin Festival (Goddess of Mercy) on that fateful day.

The special segment of the news programme were about the TV show’s effort to locate a victim, that were photographed among the debris, trapped together with the body of her dead mother. 21 years later, they managed to locate her, and interviewed the now 20-ish woman.

That spurred me to google the incident on the net but to my surprise, I found next to nothing. For a major tragedy, I find it hard to believe so little about it has been recorded/posted/archived in the cyberspace. I remember all the cover pages of the major newspapers on the day after the incident were all about it, and people were talking about it for weeks.

Recently there were numerous incidents of collapsed stadium, collapsed roads, cracked flyovers, collapsed ceilings, leaking pipeworks and other avoidable debacles in this country. Thank God so far no lives are lost. I hate to see changes only after lives have been “sacrificed” unneccesary. May the people/government that have been given authorities/responsibilities to be accountable, honest, incorruptible and efficient in what they do.

This posting is dedicated to the 32 lost lives and thousand others who are affected by the jetty tragedy. Lest we forget…

Random Reflections

KFC increasing their price again!

Just came back from a KFC outlet. One of their employee showed me their newly-printed menus. No it’s not a design revamp or new corporate image. KFC is going to increase their price again, starting tomorrow! I said again because they have just hiked their price not too long ago. From tomorrow, a set of Dinner Plate (3 pieces of chicken) without any drink will cost RM10.35 before tax, a RM0.55 or 5.6% increase from the current price of RM9.80.

I am sure they can come out with a dozen excuses why this recent hike is justifiable and bla bla bla. But your price is already one of the highest in the world (dollar-to-dollar and proportions to average income) and can you actually deny you are reaping million of ringgits of profit annually? In fact, your company recorded your highest ever net profit in 2008, with profit of RM118,000,000. And your net profit of RM28.7mil for the first quarter of 2009 was 1.4% higher than Q1 2008, so you are already on track to break yet another record. So why do you have to burden the rakyat somemore?!?

I’ve been loving and enjoying KFC for decades, since I started stockpiling cholestrol when I was a little kid. Now with this unreasonable price hike, hmm…I’m not sure I would want to patronize KFC so frequent anymore. I am weak, I don’t think I can bring myself to boycott them totally. ;-P But for those who are stronger than I am, please…go ahead and show them that consumers won’t be forced to fatten KFC’s director’s wallets anymore!

While on my part, I will post up reviews of other alternative sources for fried chicken soon. It would be especially helpful for people who can’t survive without a regular dosage of artery-choking meal of fried poultry.

Random Reflections

A-Mei – Ji De (Remember)

誰還記得 是誰先說永遠的愛我
Who still remembers, who was the one who said he’ll love me forever
以前的一句話 是我們以後的傷口
A sentence of the past, will become our wound in the future
過了太久 沒人記得當初那些溫柔
It was so long ago, no one remembers the gentleness in the past
我和你手牽手 說要一起走到最後
You and I, hand in hand, we said we’ll walk together to the end
我們都忘了 這條路走了多久
We’ve both forgotten, how long we’ve walked in this journey
心中是清楚的 有一天 有一天都會停的
In our hearts it’s clear, that one day, one day it’ll all end
讓時間說真話 雖然我也害怕
Let time speak the truth, although I’m afraid too
在天黑了以後 我們都不知道會不會有遺憾
After the sky darkens, we won’t know whether there’ll be regrets
誰還記得 是誰先說永遠的愛我
Who still remembers, who was the one who said he’ll love me forever?
以前的一句話 是我們以後的傷口
A sentence of the past, will become our wound in the future
過了太久 沒人記得當初那些溫柔
It was so long ago, no one remembers the gentleness in the past
我和你手牽手 說要一起走到最後
You and I, hand in hand, we said we’ll walk together to the end
我們都累了 卻沒辦法往回走
We’re both weary, yet we cannot turn back
兩顆心都迷惑 怎麼說 怎麼說都沒有救
Both hearts are puzzled, no matter what we say, nothing can be helped
親愛的為什麼 也許你也不懂
My dear, I ask why, but maybe you don’t have an answer either
兩個相愛的人 等對方先說找分開的理由
Two persons in love with each other, waiting for each other to say a reason to break up
Who still remembers, when the love has just begun to change
我和你的眼中 看見了不同的天空
In our eyes, there’re different skies
走的太遠 終於走到分岔路的路口
We’ve walked too far, eventually reaching a crossroads
是不是你和我 要有兩個相反的夢
Is it that you and I, must have two contrasting dreams
誰還記得 是誰先說永遠的愛我
Who still remembers, who was the one who said he’ll love me forever
以前的一句話 是我們以後的傷口
A sentence of the past, will become our wound in the future
過了太久 沒人記得當初那些溫柔
It was so long ago, no one remembers the gentleness in the past
我和你手牽手 說要一起走到最後
You and I, hand in hand, we said we’ll walk together to the end
我和你手牽手 說要一起走到最後
You and I, hand in hand, we said we’ll walk together to the end