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Mr Lee Restaurant in Taman Berkeley, Klang

You’d be surprised how in a big town with a huge predominantly Chinese population, finding good Chinese food can still be a tough challenge. Yes, Klang is renowned for its famous Bak Kut Tehs and seafood (though I feel the crown has been lost to other coastal towns in Selangor). But when it comes to local hawker fare such as chicken rice, Hokkien mee, prawn mee and char koay teow, I’ve been searching high and low to find the good ones.

Lo and behold, my search for a beef noodle and char koay teow recommended by a fellow foodie, brought me to a small and old residential neighbourhood of Taman Berkeley in northern Klang. After mistakenly thought that the restaurant I was looking for is closed, I ended up in Mr Lee Restaurant few shops away.


It’s a restaurant that apparently specialises in Ipoh hor fun as well as steamed chicken and other roasted meats (char siew & siew yuk). Being a glutton I am, I wanted to try as many items my big belly can take. So I ordered a dry Ipoh Hor Fun with Prawn Wantan (RM6), and a quarter steamed chicken (RM12).

The Ipoh Hor Fun comes in a decent portion. The kuey teow they used here is not as smooth as I would like them to be, but they are still better than most of the mediocre ones out there. Tastewise, one of the better ones I had outside Ipoh and the famous one at Imbi.

20161006_092951 The Ipoh Hor Fun I ordered comes with four decent-sized prawn wantans, served in a separate bowl that also includes a piece of Yau Mak vege, and broth that not surprisingly added with MSG. The prawn wantans themselves are quite enjoyable even though the size could have been bigger. There are a whole small prawn in each of those wantans though.


Now the steamed chicken. I specifically asked for the drumstick and thigh parts as I am not a fan of chicken breasts and ribs. When it arrives, my first thought is the skin looks really good but the meat itself looks rather bland and uninviting. But one bite into it and my worries are gone. While it is not the best that I ever have, it does strike a fine balance with its tenderness, smooth skin, and the flavorful soya sauce.

So there you go, a blessing in disguise. Failed to find my initial target but ended up discovering another gem. All in all, this eatery has the potential to be a top one of their kind. If I have any qualm at all, it would be their watery chilli paste. I find it quite unacceptable for a chicken rice shop to underestimate the importance of a thick and spicy chilli paste. Having said that, I would still definitely return to sample other items on their menu, and bring others to check it out too.😉

Mr Lee Restaurant (李想吃烧腊店)

21, Lebuh Bangau, Taman Berkeley, 41150 Klang, Selangor

Business hours: Mon to Sun, 830am to 830pm

Tel: 0111 5380677




RM3 Dimsums at Restoran A Yen Yen One


Madame Waffle – Midvalley KL

Finally had the chance to pay my maiden visit to Madame Waffle at Midvalley. They serve Japanese-styled waffles which are more bread-like than the usual crunch type.


At RM6 to 7 a pop, they are definitely not cheap. I only managed to try their Matcha and Almond flavors. My rating? 6/10 #jalanjalancarimakan #foodreview #dessert


Limapulo by Baba Can Cook

IMG_20150812_142219Recently I have been hearing alot about a Nyonya restaurant in downtown called Limapulo, especially ever since they won the Best Curry Laksa award from The Star. They have moved to a new premise at 50, Jalan Doraisamy (The Heritage Row next to Sheraton KL) from the previous Lot 26. Now the new one is a very Instagram-worthy with all the retro and rustic interiors and decors. When I visited it on Monday lunchtime, I bumped into its uber-handsome owner and my old futsal kaki, Alan Yun @alanyunkl ! Very friendly and business-savvy guy. And of course, the ever-present Uncle John, the cook of all those wonderful Nyonya delicacies, sitting as usual right in front of the entrance. 😉😊

From top right (clockwise), the award-winning Nyonya Curry Laksa. Very fragrant broth and springy noodle. If only it is more spicy. My mum, a ardent fan of curry laksa, gave it a thumbs up. The ‘Pie Tee’ here are topped with a shrimp. The fillings are aromatic and tasted sweet. Nasi Lemak comes with curry chicken. The lemak rice was good with enough santan. I prefer my curry to be thicker but the version here is enjoyable enough. The Curry Chicken Rice is white rice served with some vegetables, fried omelette and curry chicken which is the same as those served for Nasi Lemak. The only disappointment of that day was the Nyonya Fried Meehun. It tasted pretty bland, and not sure why it is called as Nyonya Fried Meehun while tastes the same as any generic type of fried meehun. Both the ABC (Ice Kacang) and Cendol were very enjoyable especially in hot weather, but the servings were a tad too small. 

Overall I would rate the Nyonya food here at 7.5/10. This is after considering also their very reasonable lunch price. All the main meals shown above are priced at RM9.90, a steal considering the location and the quality of food. My only qualm would be the serving size of their desserts, and the difficulty in finding a parking spot there (even if you’re willing to pay for it). Will be returning there to try their ala carte menu, and also to indulge in some selfies as the restaurant and its surrounding is just oh so Instagram-friendly #jalanjalancarimakan #limapulo #babacancook #foodreview

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Spiderman made it to the top of KLCC, finally!

The famous French climber, Alain Robert, dubbed the Spiderman for his crazy & daring climbs finally managed to scale all the way up to the top of KLCC’s Petronas Twin Towers this morning. The picture below showed the daredevil standing proudly on the tip of the spire, which stands at 451.9 metres from the ground level.

Spot the Spiderman!

Despite the heavy rain in the morning, Alain Robert started his third attempt to conquer this steel landmark. Both his attempts in 1997 and 2007 were thwarted when the authorities stopped & detained him at the 60th floor, 28 floors short of the 88-storey skyscraper.

Alain Robert, seen here during his 2007’s 2nd attempt at KLCC.

While I do not condone reckless actions of endangering someone’s own life, I do however respect this French Spiderman’s determination, guts & superb scaling skills. Do you know he scaled all those famous buldings/structures (Chicago’s Sears Tower, Taipei’s 101, Paris’ Eiffel Tower & etc) with his bare hands and only some chalk powder?! No ropes, no safety locks… *gulp*

Will post up more photos as soon as I get them.

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Shogun Japanese Buffet – Sunway Pyramid: Bad Service & Rude Staff

Read this on another food blog. I’ve decided I would never ever step into Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant, unless they drastically improve their service level as well as their food quality as well. Read for yourself the experience by one of the many unhappy customers of Shogun:

My siblings and I visited Shogun in Sunway Pyramid for the first time today. We called on Monday (18 May 2009) to make a reservation for 3 at 1pm for Friday (22 May 2009). However, upon reaching Shogun’s doorstep at 1pm today, we were told TODAY that our reservation was CHANGED to THURSDAY (21 May 2009)!

The doorman in charge at that time, Gibson, insisted that they called us to confirm that the reservation was changed to Thursday. The only phone call we received was at 12.45pm today, but it was missed. We promptly called back several times for the next 15 minutes but there was either no answer, or was engaged.

We explained that we did not change our reservation for Friday at 1pm. Gibson insisted that we called to change and shortly after that raised his voice saying, “IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!”. He then told us to wait and walked away. When he returned, he pretended not to see us waiting and continued with what he was previously doing.

Personally, I think that was very rude.

We approached him again and asked to speak to the manager. He let out a grunt before going inside to call the supervisor, who then looked at the reservation list again, and told us that our reservation was only for 2, meaning if he were to admit us into the restaurant, he can only admit 2. We told him that it was impossible because we clearly made reservations for 3, and told him to check our reservation number which was W14. The supervisor checked the list again and pointed to a column on the list which stated 2pax. Dissatisfied, we cross-referenced that column with the name and phone number recorded and found that it was a reservation under the same name, but different contact number. Even though they had clearly made a mistake, both the supervisor and Gibson did not apologize and asked for our reservation number again. After checking the list again, the right record for our reservation but then said that we did not show up at 12.30 pm, so they gave our table away. But we clearly made a reservation for 3 at 1 pm. Why was it written as 12.30 pm? We insisted that the supervisor check with the person who was in charge of taking reservations on Monday, but they refused and said that it was a miscommunication. Gibson then proceeded to tell us that we would have to wait for our table.

That defeats the whole purpose of making reservation, doesn’t it?

We were only seated after half an hour and we did not even get a word of apology from them at all! It was obviously an internal management error, so shouldn’t they at least apologize?

Before we left, we approached Gibson (we didn’t know his name then) to ask for his name and politely told him that he was very rude to us. He refused to give us his name, and instead he raised his voice again saying, “You all started it first!”. Pardon me, but the last time I checked, restaurant staff are supposed to be well mannered and polite, not this rude! He insisted on not giving us his name, and then turned around to ignore us. We proceeded to ask the other cashier behind the counter, but she too refused to give us his name.

Evidently, the management of Shogun Pyramid does not highly prioritize customers’ satisfaction based on this particular episode. Initially, a simple apology would suffice. However, given that the fact that my siblings and myself were at the receiving end of a ruder treatment, I made a point to personally lodge a direct complain against the staff in Shogun Pyramid.

My friends and I are frequent customers to various Japanese buffets. This is the first time we decided to give Shogun a try, and after such treatment, it just left us with a bitter aftertaste, and full of disappointment. We would definitely not give Shogun a visit anymore, and we would also spread the word around about the horrible customers service that we were given.

I forgot to mention above, that Gibson wears a different uniform from the other waiters/waitresses. He wears white shirt and vest as oppose to the other table waiters/waitresses who wears only yellow shirts. So I’m guessing he’s of higher position?

And I thought services at Japanese restaurants are the best in the world…apparently not in this part of the world it seems.


Bad bad service – Nokia Centre Bangsar

This is a very unpleasant experience my friend is having with the Nokia Centre in Bangsar:


Dear All

As of now, I am still awaiting to see whether they will give me a call on whether my phone has arrived! Apparently, it’s been sitting there in NOKIA HQ since last friday to be collected. And Wan from Nokia can say “Not sure when coming. I will call you back..i will call u back….”

Yeah right.

Well, we submitted this complaint to The Malay Mail and they just gave me a call at 4.00 pm (13/1/2009). I think this should be featured 14/1/2009 tomorrow.

I wonder what NOKIA will do. So far, no damage control done on their side lar.
Itular dia, Malaysia boleh ya?

Dear Sir/Madam,
RE: Complaint: Nokia Service Centre, Bangsar Baru (11/1/2009)

I submitted my phone, a NOKIA E71 for repair on 27/12/2008, with complaints being: the camera was not functioning and the phone restarted by its own accord. As it was still under warranty, I decided to submit it for repairs. The phone was a recent purchase from the same Nokia Centre in late October 2008.

The purpose of us buying original phones, from original/authorised NOKIA stores is so that, when there is a complaint or an issue, one would ASSUME that service would be quick. Our expected time period 4 days or at the most, 7 days.

It’s a real disappointment, as after close to three weeks, 12/01/2009, I have yet to received my phone back!

What is even more abhorring is the attitude of the service centre staff, Wan, at Nokia Bangsar Baru.

Having promised to give me a call, several times to update me on the phone, he never did so. Instead, I had to chase him no less than six times- paying visits to the Nokia Centre in Bangsar, besides calling him for updates.

On my visit on 12/01/2009 to Wan, I prompted him to call up his head office right in front of me for a quick check. He refused with a very poor excuse of having customers to serve, when clearly he wasn’t even treating me as a customer!

Moreover, Wan’s attitude at handling complaints is very lacking and rude. When asked if he could ‘loan’ me a similar phone to use while my phone was in repair all i got was a very rough NO and a whole tirade of Nokia care centre’s levels of management! Honestly, who cares-la?

After being really frustrated, I managed to get the phone number of Peter, the Service Manager of Nokia. Immediately, he followed up, and told me that my phone was actually ready on 9/01/2009! If I had not made that call to Peter, I wondered if Wan probably would ever have let me known and I would have wasted more time and money(on calls) to the centre. So as I write in, I am still waiting to get back my phone, which is promised to be delivered by 13/01/2009. I wonder if that will be the case.

However, it’s an utter disappointment at the lack of commitment on the part of Nokia. Especially with them being in such an area as in Bangsar.

This inconvenience has disrupted my businesses and left my clients unhappy as I had most, if not all my business contacts and emails stored in the phone.

I only hope that service can be improved, and follow up be done closely on the part of clients. I mean, the reason why we use NOKIA is because we trust the name and the service. Well, after this experience, I doubt I can ever do so.

Extremely disappointed NOKIA BANGSAR user