My Football Pilgrimage

Remember, remember,
the 18th of October….

That was the very day I’ve finally fulfilled one my ultimate dreams, watching Arsenal FC live at the Highbury Emirates Stadium in London, England.

*Stay tuned for more photos after the jump*

Walking up the stairs to get to our seats *anxious*

The anthem of English Premier League being blasted over the PA system while the players walk out.

Can you spot my idol, Mr. Wenger?

The architect of the squad, young Cesc Fabregas.

If only I can get hold of one of these humongous cameras…. 

Security in EPL is tight alright.

Of the many fruitless corner kicks by Arsenal on that day.

The trademark inswinging freekick by Robbie Van Persie

Halftime shower for the seemingly perfect pitch.

Look who came out for warm-up?! Theoo…..Theoooo….

Did I tell you about all the Arsenal’s fruitless corner kicks?

Arsenal players swarming Tony Hibbert after his horrible tackle on Walcott. It sucks when you are not fast enough eh Tony?

Cesc taking one of the freekicks.

A very slow and unsuccessful tackle by Eboue to stop Pienaar.

Van Persie scored the 2nd goal to put Arsenal ahead! Gooooaaaaallllllll………

Now its Gunners’ time to taunt the visiting fans, kekeke..

Ok, the taunting got more hostile and violent. The stadium stewards had to step in.

When some of the Everton fans started assaulting the stewards, the police immediately stepped in.

Walcott scored the 3rd goal to rub salt to Everton’s wound! Weeeeee…..

Enough said!

Waited at the parking tunnel exit after the game to snap some players’ photos. This is Kolo Toure!


My 1st Trip to Europe

I’ll be visiting London & Paris for the next 6 days, and fulfilling my dream of watching Arsenal FC playing at Emirates Stadium. So cherio everybody, oh and au revoir too!

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Delwin Keasberry & Gillian Foo’s Wedding in Brunei

Flew back from Brunei on Sunday night. Was there with a group of ex-OCFers to attend Del and Gillian’s wonderful wedding. Whole trip was tiring but a true bliss nevertheless. Here are some snapshots of the 700+ photos that I’ve taken during the 2D2N trip to the rich sultanate kingdom. It was truly an eventful trip, we got:











and of course, FOOD!!

More to come folks, so stay tuned!!


Ipoh mali!!

I am sitting in the Starbucks at Ipoh Parade right now. Went to Lahat earlier this morning for business matters, and now need to e-mail some files back to office urgently.

Later I am so going to raid the Old Town of Ipoh for its famous fantastic food. I want taugeh chicken, I want salted chicken, I want hor fun, I want chicken su, I want Ipoh girls white coffee!!!! So long Kuala Lumpur!!

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Conquering the state of Perak

Yes, I managed to conquered the state of Perak last weekend. Okay well, just the towns next to the North-South Highway to be exact. Few of the from Jalan Imbi Chapel were going to Batu Gajah Gospel Hall to help out for their Youth Fellowship and the Sunday School. While they left Kuala Lumpur in the morning, me and Kevin decided to go slightly later at 10am.

After inevitable delays due to oversleeping, last minute stuff, traffic congestions, we finally left KL at about 11:30am. Below is the route of our whole Perak road trip:

Instead of driving straight to Batu Gajah to meet up with the rest, we went all the way up to Ipoh to have our lunch. About 2 1/2 hours, and 20 kilometres away from an absolutely empty petrol tank (we stopped at Slim River as we ain’t have enough gas to last till Tapah, we finally exited at Ipoh Selatan and straight into the city’s notorious traffic jam!

Oh before that, we met a road idiot on the highway. A woman driver driving painstakingly slow on the fast lane, and refused to give way for me to overtake her. And when she pulled alongside my car, this is what we saw:

* can you see what was the driver doing? no wonder so slow la *

I then suddenly thought of Jason the Ipoh Lang, so I immediately called him up and ask for advise and information on how to get to the Kedai Makanan Nam Heong in the old town centre, ASAP! And true enough, he taught me how to avoid the main jam by using smaller roads, and into smaller traffic jams. Kekeke…so after braving through the jam for about 20 minutes, we reached the city centre.

Before making our way to Kedai Makanan Nam Heong, we stopped by at the famous Restoran Aun Kheng Lim to buy their much-acclaimed Salted Chicken (RM16.00). Surprisingly, getting a parking was a breeze. Got a spot right next to the shop but of course I jad to pay RM0.30 for 30 minutes.

The first sight that greeted me was a elderly woman sitting at the sidewalk, folding countless boxes for the salted chicken. Family devotion, or exploitation of cheap labor?

Some of my friends warned me that I might have to call and pre-order or get there earlier to avoid disappointment, but when I got there, I was the only customer. In less than 3 minutes, I was out of the shop with a box of fantastic salted chicken.

Quickly drove to the other side of Sungai Kinta as we were running late, and thank God we managed to find a parking easily again.

There are four restaurants on both side of the street known as Jalan Bandar Timah. On the right, you have the Restoran Sin Yoon Loong, famous for their white coffee, and the lesser known Restoran Sun Yuan Foong. And on the other side, you have Kafe Mo Mo and my favourite Kedai Makanan Nam Heong.

Kedai Makanan Nam Heong has become my favourite kopitiam in this part of Ipoh because of the variety types of food at offer here, rather than just white coffee and some light snacks.

The restaurant was still packed even though it was about 2:30pm when we got there. So we did have to wait for about 5 minutes before getting a table. And without having to think, we ordered two glasses of Iced White Coffee (RM1.80). Well I am not a true coffee aficionados but I really like the white coffee here. It was smooth, aromatic and perfect for a hot afternoon in this warm country.

Actually the very reason I came to this Nam Heong is to have a bowl or two of the super yummy Kuey Teow Soup (Ipoh Hor Fun) here. First tasted it when I was here last year, and it has been my benchmark for Ipoh Hor Fun ever since. But to my horror, the stall owner told me it was sold out!

Feeling extremely disappointed, and reluctantly accepting the reality, both me and Kevin ordered the Penang Char Koay Teow (how ironic, eating Penang food in Ipoh) instead. Yet another disappointment as the Char Koay Teow tasted pretty mediocre. I am sure I can find better CKT even in Kuala Lumpur.

But just like many of my eating experiences recently, I managed to find a saving grace. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Nam Heong Dim Sum stall, a recently discovered gem in Ipoh, at least to me lah.

As I didn’t want to eat too much before going to Batu Gajah later, I ordered a basket of Siew Mai (RM.260), a Chicken Su or Kai Sou in Cantonese (RM1.30), and an Egg Tart (RM1.30) as well. The Siew Mai looked good, and much to my relief tasted pretty good too. It was of decent size, with some caviar fish roes nicely sprinkled on top.

Meanwhile the egg tart tasted quite ordinary, and not as good as Tong Kee’s in KL. But the real find of the day has got to be the Chicken Su (Kai Sou) or Chinese chicken pie. It looks pretty common, not unlike those Chinese pastry you can get at any dim sum places. But one bite into it, you know you have something special in your hand (or mouth to be exact). The outside is so perfectly crispy, not too crispy to make it crumbles easily. The filling inside is similar to Char Siew Bao (roasted pork bun). It is simply delicious trust me.

In fact, we love it so much we even bought 10 (buy 10 get 2 free) more to Batu Gajah for our friends, and of course for ourselves as well lah. The 12 Chicken Su‘s were packed nicely into two nicely designed boxes.

Also had a short conversation with the friendly lady boss of this dim sum stall. She told me many people come here daily to tah pau (take away) their chicken pies and egg tarts. They are open from 8am in the morning till 4pm, but the chicken pies might run out earlier.

We left Ipoh very happily indeed after the satisfying lunch (not because of the CKT for sure). Definitely worth the extra drive and going through the congestions. And after getting directions from the dim sum stall employees and from policemen that we stopped half way, we were on our way to the little lovely town of Batu Gajah. Stay tuned folks!

Kedai Makanan Nam Heong

Address: Jalan Bandar Timah,
              30000 Ipoh, Perak.

Telephone:  016-505 2768

* click to enlarge map *

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Restoran Ban Nen Hiong – Satay Celup in Melaka

Drove down to Melaka for a day trip 2 months back, on Labour’s Day. The drive on the PLUS Highway was surprisingly smooth, but once exited at the Ayer Keroh’s toll plaza, the traffic was getting much heavier. And we were almost came to a standstill after Ayer Keroh, on the fringe of the Melaka city itself.

After a hot afternoon of eating and shopping, me and Hui Yin decided to go for Satay Celup for dinner first before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. We consulted an owner of an art gallery/souvenir shop near Jonker Street, on the best Satay Celup restaurant in Melaka. He suggested 3 places, but warned us that 2 of those 3 are very popular and most probably are jam packed by 5pm. With the word of wisdom and directions from a local wiseman, we drove confidently and excitedly towards our objective!

And this is what we saw when we were approaching Target No.1:

This Restoran Capitol Satay on Lorong Bukit Cina is arguably the most popular satay celup restaurant, although many would say Restoran Ban Lee Siang on Jalan Ong Kim Wee would be the best. Looking at this insanely long queue, we both thought that it would be equally futile effort if we go to Ban Lee Siang.

Hence, the third option suggested by the local wiseman, the Restoran Ban Nen Hiong. This restaurant is just a stone throw away from the Restoran Capitol Satay, on Jalan Temenggong. While it is not as packed as Capitol, the dinner crowd there was already quite big when we reached there. After getting a table, the fierce-looking lady boss brought few trays of food and placed it on our table.

The food looks good, although the selections seems to be not as extensive as the other 2 more famous satay celups (from what I saw from other food blogs). Nevertheless, there are still plenty to choose from, fried food, different types of fish balls, beef, chicken, prawn, squid and even stuffed chillies and ladyfingers. Most of the choices are priced at RM0.50 a stick, but some are RM1.00
per stick
. Those RM1.00 choices are those with red paint at one end of
the stick, and most seafood are of this price.

I think my personal favourite on that night was the pig’s liver.
Kekeke…couldn’t really count how many sticks of those delicious thing
I had. The prawns are pretty fresh, but didn’t eat many as I thought it
was a tad too pricey at RM1.00 a pop.

The raw squids were placed in a dodgy-looking plastic container, that is usually used for hand-washing. But if you are not one of those hygiene freaks, then it’s a must have. Just like the prawn, nice and fresh.

Just choose any food that caught your fancy, and dip them inside the
pot of satay sauce. This satay sauce is a peanut-based sauce that is
made of a right blend of coconut milk and other spices. I have no idea
who invented this Satay Celup, but this satay sauce is perfect as a
companion to almost any type of food (hmmm, ok maybe not loh mai kai or

You might have to wait a little while for the satay sauce to come to a
boiling point, before dipping in the food-on-sticks. Once it’s boiling,
it doesn’t take long for the food to be cooked, and for you to start
the feast. Most food only takes less than a minute to cook, and
some items like prawn, squid, and pig’s liver takes even shorter time.

We walloped down stick after stick for about 90 minutes, before calling it a quit. I think in total we had about 45 sticks altogether. It was a truly satisfying meal, especially for a satay celup “virgin” like me. Capitol Satay and Ban Lee Siang might be better than this Ban Nen Hiong, but this is still very good to us. And frankly speaking, I would rather continue to eat here than to queue up on the street for hours to eat at the other two.

We headed straight back to the PLUS Highway right after the dinner, and the drive was very smooth. And just like before, it was a false happiness as we encountered this near Seremban. Grrr….

Map to Restoran Ban Nen Hiong:

* click to enlarge map *