Random Reflections

Yet another milestone for tankiasu.com

Tankiasu.com proudly introducing, its very own spin-off blog dedicated for movie reviews:

Tai Jor Lah!” (watched already), is the latest catchphrase made popular by Astro‘s current publicity advertisements of its new Astro-On-Demand package. I thought this phrase is super appropriate to be used as the name of this new blog. At Tai Jor Lah!, you can find overly-honest reviews of all the movies that me and some of my friends have “tai jor lah”!

So next time when you are deciding what movie to watch, please don’t go to those cinema’s websites where they give you a general sypnosis and hyped-up previews. Rather, click straight to Tai Jor Lah! for no-nonsense and no-hold-barred comments and reviews from our panel of not-so-professional movie buffs.