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Restoran J & J, Bandar Baru Klang

For the past few months, new restaurants have been mushrooming at the new shoplots area in Bandar Baru Klang. There are now at least 3 Japanese restaurants within the small commercial square, 4 kopitiam-styled eateries, and countless Chinese restaurants to cater to the eastern side of Klang.

One of the first to open there is Restoran J&J, a nondescript-looking Chinese “taichow” restaurant, albeit an air-conditioned one. Jackson Kah has already visited this place few times and his reviews were good, and I guess the large crowd there almost every nights pretty much confirmed things are good there. So after months of missed opportunities, I finally got the chance to check it out..for lunch though.

The restaurant’s specialties are actually Watermelon Chicken and the unique “Yu Lou” or Fish Steamboat in English. But because my mum was not well and need to watch her diet, we decided to go for their set lunch instead. They have several set lunches that caters to either 2-3 pax, 3-4 pax or 6-7 pax. We opted one of the 3 available options for 3-4 pax that comes with 4 dishes and costs RM38.80.

The 4 dishes were Fried Brinjal, Kung Pou Chicken, a kind of Fried Egg and a vegetable soup. I only managed to take photo of 2 of the dishes as I was ridiculously hungry then. All the dishes are of above average standard as

While the set lunch meals are nothing to shout about, they are still pretty enjoyable and coupled with the reasonable price, good service and no-hassle is definitely a good place to spend your lazy weekend afternoon. And for sure, I’ll be back to check out their specialties though I need more friends to go with me in order to try more varieties. Any takers?

Restoran J & J

Address: 12 & 12A, Jalan Tiara 2D Ku 1,
Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor.
Telephone: 019-682 1232

GPS Coordinates: 3°3’48″N   101°28’2″E

*set lunch available only at 11am – 2:30pm*

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Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites at SunwayMas

While I am not a char siew slut, as what Lemongrass would like to call herself, I was mega excited when I read how she raved about a new found great char siew in SunwayMas area. So with a convoy of 2 cars and 10 colleagues, we ventured kilometres away from our office in the food-barren land of Damansara Heights.

It wasn’t too difficult to find the restaurant as I have eaten in SunwayMas few times before previously. Looking at the premise itself doesn’t promise much, as it is just a quite nondescript looking shoplot. But take some steps closer and you will see the char siew enticingly hang at the stall, screaming out “Try me try me!”.

I must admit, when I look at the char siew abit more upclose, some doubts creeped into me as it looked quite fat and too articially shiny. And I saw similar reactions from some of my colleagues as well.

The restaurant wasn’t exactly packed when we reached there, but yet service was pretty slow. The owner came to get our order, but his doleful expression wasn’t the best one can hope for to get  I must say. Ordering might not be easy, as there are quite a number of dishes available here. You can either opt for rice to go with the char siew, or selecting one of the few types of noodle.

I am not sure whether Hakka Mee is one of the famous favourites of Seremban or not, but it was listed as one here. A very simple noodle dish, the version here is slightly wetter as compared to the usual ones. Definitely worth more than its reasonable price of RM3.50.

We ordered two medium-sized plate (RM10.00) of char siews to share amongst the 10 of us. With great excitement, anticipation but as well as come caution, we all took the first bite. And boy how we were more than convinced by the almighty char siew!

I now can truly understand the definition of the expression “melts in your mouth“, cause that exactly what happened when we took a bite of that char siew. With the fat and the lean part nicely defined and balance, the barbeque pork is tender, well-marbled, slightly charred and nice portion of caramelised bits of fat on it. It is not overly sweet, and one can even taste the smell of the smoking charcoal. Char siew definitely doesn’t get better than this!

If you are one of those more health-concious, fret not as you can ask for leaner cuts, with lesser fats but taste good nevertheless. The caramel sauce is not poured over on the meat like the usuals, but was given on small plates, so you can have the option of eating the char siew on its own.


The rice here is just ok, certainly not something that I would like to write about with more than one sentence of review. Another noodle that they claimed to be Seremban’s favourite would be the Yau Yee Mai Fun (Sotong Bihun aka Vermicelli with Cuttlefish. Also priced at RM3.50, this one came with a generous amount of cuttlefish and stewed pork. The broth is slightly herbal-ish, though I can’t really comment much as I am not a big fan of soup-ish noodle.

There are numerous other choices such as Fish Ball Noodle (RM3.50) and side dishes such as Fried Sui Kow (RM0.70 each), they are all pretty decent in taste and portion. If you are going there alone and do not wish to order too much but yet still want to try their char siew, you can always opt for their Char Siew Wantan Mee.

Overall this is one great place for a very satisfying meal, with great taste and impressive varieties to choose from. Prices are very reasonable, especially considering its location. While service is not exactly friendly and prompt (it gets even more slower when the lunch crowd peaked), the arguably one of the best char siew in Klang Valley more than makes up for it. Will I return for more? Are you kidding me? Of course!

Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites

Address: 80-1, Grd Flr, Jalan PJU 1/3B,
              SunwayMas Commercial Centre,
              47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Telephone: 017-2798582 (Bill Khoon)

Operating Hours/Days: 7:30am – 4:30pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

* click on the map to enlarge*

* map curi-ed from A Whiff of Lemongrass

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Seng Kee Wantan Mee @ Restoran Hock Lim, PJ State

When I read about how Carol of Oh For The Love of Food! raved about her aunt’s wantan mee, I straight away made up my mind to check it out. Located at the PJ New Town area where finding a parking spot can be as difficult as finding a good wantan mee in Klang Valley, one need to have mighty patience to round and round that area.

Well, I rounded that area extra more times as I just can’t seems to be able to see any Restoran Hock Lim there. After awhile, I decided to park my car and continue my hunt on foot. Just minutes before my MD loses his patience, I saw it from a distance, Seng Kee Wanton Mee stall.

There is no signboard outside to tell you that this is Restoran Hock Lim, except for a lighted drinks menu inside. But one look at this old-styled coffee shop, you know there got to be good food here.

After placing my orders with the woman at the stall, I asked her if she’s the aunt of Carol, just to be friendly. But no discounts, kekeke. The cook (I assumed he’s the uncle) seems to be cooking the noodle non-stop. In fact besides the couple, they have another 2 helpers as their business is so brisk.

Once you have placed your orders, it won’t be long before one of the helper comes to you with chopsticks and the customary green chillis. But don’t be too happy yet, as the wait for the noodle to actually be served can be really lengthy. My first visit there was ok, only waited for about 10 minutes. But the second visit me and my colleagues waited for at least 25 minutes. So if you have a strict 1-hour lunch, you can basically forget about this.

But fortunately, the wait was all worth it. The first thing that you will noticed when you take your first mouthful, is how springy the noodle is. The texture was really good, although still lacking if compared to the mighty Ang Kee Wantan Mee at Restoran OK.

The taste was really nice too, with the right amount of soy sauce and other ingredients. They are very generous with the char siew as well. The char siew is more lean than fat type, will definitely appeals more to the fairer sex. They are very chunky and the taste is sweeter than usual. Very nice, though I thought it was a little bit too dry if you ask me.

And what is wantan mee without the wantan right? Well, the wantan here is not exactly big, but the good thing is the thickness of the skin is just right and the fillings tasted fresh. The soup has a very MSG-ish taste to it though.

Besides the default char siew and the wantan that comes with the noodle, you can also order Siew Yuk and Poached Chicken as well. The siew yuk is alright, without any overpowering porky taste although just like the char siew, it was a bit too dry.

Thumbs up for the poached chicken as I really like the fresh taste. As I mentioned before many times on this blog, the sight of blood on chicken meat is a very big turn off for me. But thank goodness there was none of it here. They serve the chicken plainly, with just minimal amount of soy sauce and oil. No fried shallots, spring onions or taugeh (beansprouts).

No doubt Seng Kee Wantan Mee does serve good wantan mee. The noodle itself is definitely nicer than the average out there. While the char siew and siew yuk are more to the downside, their wantans and poached chicken scored highly in my book.

But I do have to warn you, based on my three visits there, the quality swings from good to mediocre and back to good. It seems like their quality suffers whenever there is a big crowd patronising their stall. So go there earlier for better taste, and easier to find a table as well as a parking spot. Pricewise, they are basically in line with most of the wantan mee stalls with prices start at RM3.50 onwards. Do check it out and you might want to give your feedback to Carol.

* click on the map to enlarge *

Seng Kee Wanton Mee at Restoran Hock Lim

Address: 18 & 20, Jalan 52/18 (Jln Tengah),
               46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
               *facing Menara MBPJ*

Operating Hours/Days: 8:00am to 3:00pm, Daily (except some Saturdays according to the owner)

Other reviews:

You Get What You Give…Sometimes

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Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice in SS4 PJ

Just when I thought I have tried all the best chicken rice in Klang Valley, my boss brought me to shockingly good chicken rice in SS4, Petaling Jaya, totally unknown to me before. Heck, my boss couldn’t even name me the stall when I asked him, but decided to trust him to led me there.

The name of the restaurant where this chicken rice stall is situated, is Restoran Yat Yeh Hing. It is just one of the normal-looking Chinese restaurant that offers steamboat and “tai chow” at night. But during the day, the Kee Kee Bentong Chicken Rice takes the centrestage.

To find a table here can be a really, really difficult task. So do come early before the lunch crowd otherwise you might have to stand for 10-30 minutes to get one. Parking here is tough too, with very limited legal parking spots around. You can park your car in the residential area at the back but please be considerate not to block anybody.

Operating in the current premise at People’s Park since 1998, Mr.Lim Ee Choon’s business is getting better and better. The secret of his success would have to be the Bentong’s special formula of great tasty yellowish chicken. The steamed chicken is immediately dipped into icy cold water, in order to ensure a layer of nice juicy fat under the skin. And at the same time the meat will be made cold, firm and tender.

Both steamed and roasted chicken are available, but the roasted chicken here tasted very mediocre, so just go for the steamed version. Be warned though, that the owner would not allow you to order drumsticks with anything less than a quarter chicken order. So if you insist on eating the drumstick (which I reckon is the best part here), be prepared to pay about RM12 per pax.

The oily rice here is very good too, although it is not the best I have ever had. It’s fluffy and not too dry, just the way I like it. Besides chicken, you can order other side dishes such as the beansprouts, which tasted absolutely fresh here. As well as chicken innards.

On that particular day, we ordered a plate of chicken intestines. Usually I would avoid eating this as I am not fond of the texture. But somehow the Kee Kee‘s chicken intestines got my vote.

* I think I can submit this to Malaysia’s Book of Record for “Longest Cooked Chicken Intestine”)

The drinks here are worth mentioning too. Both the Iced Barley with Lime and the Ambra with Sour Plum were very enjoyable, especially on a hot sunny day.

I would have to say it’s been quite a while since I last had such a good chicken rice. Without a doubt I would return for more of the steamed ice chicken, although the huge crowd and limited parking are turn-offs for me. While the roasted chicken is forgettable, the steamed chicken is to die for, especially for a chicken meat lover like me and Jackson. I am pretty sure you’ll love it too!

Kee Kee’s Bentong Chicken Rice

Address: 33, Jalan SS 4D/2,
              People’s Park, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

Telephone: 012-629 4807

Operating Hours/Days: 10:30am – 2:30pm, Closed on first Tuesday of the month

* Turn left at the first turning after Kelana Jaya Putra-LRT Station. The restaurant is on a corner lot facing the LDP, and right opposite St.Ignatius Catholic Church.

* click on the map to enlarge *
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Restoran Mei Chixuan at Dataran Sunway

Before I go on and give you the review of this restaurant, let me give you a good news first. The owner of this restaurant, Steven, has made a sweet deal with and some other food blogs:


Print this coupon out, and you can enjoy 15% off your total bill when you dine at Restoran Mei Chixuan (pronounced as “Mei Sik Tin” in Cantonese). Another first for this humble food blog.

Nestled in the spanking new neighbourhood of Dataran Sunway, this place is easily accessible via NKVE as well as the main road from The Curve. Me and few other food bloggers went to this seafood restaurant for a free food tasting, organized by Sid from Big Boys Oven, with the generous and handsome owner/chef of Mei Chixuan himself.

Just like the neighbourhood itself, everything inside the restaurant looks spanking new as well. Restoran Mei Chixuan has only operated in Dataran Sunway (which is in Kota Damansara actually) for about 3 months. Prior to this, the restaurant has built a legion of loyal customers during the 6-years of business in Desa Aman Puri, Kepong. They also opened a branch in Damansara Perdana, which is headed by the owner’s wife, Joecy.

After waiting for everybody to arrive, the feast promptly started with the first dish, Crunchy Bamboo Roll. Immaculately-done, the ‘star‘ of this dish is the bamboo shoots, tucked in nicely together with mushroom and carrot, inside a smooth fish paste/ball. Crunchy and fresh ‘Bok Choy’ on the edges of the plate completes this unique dish.

This is followed by another healthy item, the Golden Needle Mushroom & Beancurds. Also known as enoki mushroom, they are truly enjoyable eaten together with the smooth beancurds. Not special, but certainly very nice to have.

The Coconut Prawn Curry is anything but healthy, but seriously, who can resist this? While the prawn is not as big as I would like it to be, it was nevertheless very fresh and springy. I totally love the curry gravy, as I can’t get enough of it because it is just so nice eating rice with it.

The next dish was yet another winner, the very fresh (how many times have I repeated this word?) Siong Tong Lala (Superior Soup-styled Clams). This restaurant uses the round shell clams, just like Lala Chong, and they are cooked with Chinese cooking wine and ginger. Both the wine and the ginger did a marvelous job of masking any fishy smell, and at the same time make the clams taste so fragrant. The soup/gravy itself is nice to drink on its own, although I reckon it was a tad too sweet.

And there was something to appease a carnivore like me too, with the Thai-Styled Pork Knuckle doing a great job at that. Unlike the usual way where the roasted pork knuckle is served just like that, this one came with a plate of Thai Sweet & Spicy Salad.

What happened was, we have no clue that we are supposed to take the pork knuckle with the Thai salad. But it turned out to be a blessing as disguise as without the overpowering sweet and spicy sauce, we can truly taste how juicy and flavorful the pork knuckle really is. And the skin is just so crispy! One of the best pork knuckle I had lately.

This Snowy Moutain Flying Fox (Suet San Fei Wu) is actually baked fish wrapped with coarse salt. Not unlike the concept of Beggar Chicken in Ijok, the salt is coated on the external side of the fish to enhance the flavor of the inner flesh, as well as functioning as a wrapping layer to trap the heat and the flavor of the other ingredients stuffed in the inner side (including some very hot cilipadis! ).

The staff will assist you to cut up the fish, revealing the fresh and yummy flesh inside, and releasing a strong aroma that teases with your senses. A very unique and interesting dish indeed, although I thought the fish looked like it has experienced a very painful death with the hardened salt covering every inch of the fish.

Next comes to types of crabs. The first served was the Kam Hiong-Styled Crab, which tasted ok but slightly dry. Done not too spicy, so those with low-tolerance to chilli do not have to fret from ordering this.

The other one was the Salted Egg Yolk Crab. This is different from the usual dry version as it came with lots of gravy, with strong taste of salted egg of course. Won’t do much good things to your artery, but I am sure all crab lovers wouldn’t give a hoot about it as this is too nice to miss out I can tell you.

You will be given sets of tools to assist you in ‘dismantling’ the shell, but of course, it is still quite a ‘hands-on’ job literally. If you are a lazy crab fan like me, just go for the claws. Relatively easy to de-shell, and plenty of succulent flesh within awaits you.

Restoran Mei Chixuan is having a RM20 per kilo crab promotion, so it is very affordable delicious thing to have right now. Yes, it is not unusual to find RM18 per kilo or even RM16 per kilo at some places. But I can assure you the extra RM2 or RM4 is worth paying for, as you can get top notch service here plus testing the Chef Steven‘s 29 years experience as a cook.

* the ‘complimentary’ complimentary fruits *

And once again we the floggers were blessed with the presence of a talented baker. Sid and Sunny gave us a surprise in a form of a wonderful-looking Tiramisu cake, albeit a sample. Tasted delish, except that it was a little bit mild, especially for hardcore Tiramisu fans.

After the last dish was served, Chef Steven kindly sat down and explained to us one-by-one the dishes that we tasted that night. By the way he explained and illustrated, it seems like he really know his trade well.

Here is the menu of that night by the way:

And for the benefit of non-Chinese readers (“bananas”), here is the English ver menu:

Crunchy Bamboo Roll
Golden Needle (Enoki) Mushroom with Beancurds
Coconut Prawn in Thick Curry
‘Siong Tong La La’ (Superior Soup Clams)
Thai-Styled Crispy Pork Knuckle
Snowy Mountain Flying Fox
‘Kam Heong’ Spicy Crab
Salted Egg Yolk Crab

I don’t think I need to put in words to let you know what a wonderful time it was, eating great food with crazy fellow food bloggers. The pictures will do a better job I reckon:

Restoran Mei Chixuan, does offer unique and delicious food, and most importantly to some people, at affordable price too. With the chef/owner’s vast experience in culinary business, you can be sure of quality and tasty food. And now that we are giving out the 15% discount voucher, I don’t think you can find good enough excuse not to check them out no? Well I know seafood lovers and glutton like me certainly do not need any excuses to go!

Restoran Mei Chixuan

Address: 32A1, Jalan PJU 5/10, Dataran Sunway,
              Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.

Telephone: 03-6141 6122

Mobile: 016-278 3089 (Steven)

Damansara Perdana branch

Address: 21-1, Jalan PJU 8/5F,
              Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya.

Telephone: 03-7727 2602

Mobile: 012-665 4690 (Joecy)

* click the map to enlarge *

Disclaimer: Please note that the author did not receive any monetary or any other form of rewards, besides the free food tasting session mentioned above. also will not gain any benefits or commissions from the discount voucher deal.

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Revisiting Restoran Kam Hin at Kuchai Lama

Since I discovered a gem early this year, namely Restoran Kam Hin, in Kuchai Lama, dim sum has been a very satisfying, enjoyable, accessible, and truly affordable affair. Every fortnight or so, I will faithfully made my pilgrimage to the dim sum shrine to feast on those little delicious things.

I think I went there a total of three times for the past 5 weeks, with different people. And I am not even the most fanatic supporter of this restaurant, as my cousin brother, Michael, frequents this place more often that going to the toilet! Truly their best customer, by miles if you ask me.

One thing you will surely notice here is how generous they are with prawns. Almost all type of dim sums are stuffed with huge amount of prawns. Unlike other cheap dim sum places where the ratio between the pork and prawn are somewhere at 8:2, here the ratio is more like 6:4.

The size of the dim sums are noticeably bigger too. And the freshness is ensured as the dim sums would only be steamed after you placed your orders.

I’ve yet to try their Polo Buns and Ho Yip Fan, that were given good reviews by few other bloggers. But of all the varieties that I have tried, all were good except for their Prawn HK Chee Cheong Fun. So you might want to avoid that.

All my previous visits were at night/evening, so finding a table and parking was never difficult for me. But I have been told that this restaurant is packed to the brim every morning, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

I love coming here at night though, as I can slowly enjoy my food while chatting with my fellow dim sum lovers. Besides, excellent service is almost guaranteed due to lack of customers at night.

You can also order Bak Kut Teh from the BKT stall next door, as an alternative to all those dim sums. Tastewise it is ok, but a carnivore like me won’t be choosy and will love to have some extra meats to go with the other food.

There are countless varieties here, so you will definitely need more than one visit to draw your conclusions. I can tell you without a doubt I will be going back for more.

One dim sum a day,
Keeps all the Sushis far away!

Restoran Kam Hin

Address: 32G, Jalan 1/116B,
              Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park,
              off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL.

Telephone: 012-396 6881

* click on the map to enlarge *

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New Formosa Restaurant at SS2, PJ

Since started food blogging about a year ago, I have received a fair share of free food offered by restaurant/hawker stall owners. But this is the first ever time where I went to a food tasting session organized especially for us the food bloggers.

The lady owner of the oldest Taiwanese restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Jeannie Lee, who has her own cooking show on TV8, kindly and generously invited a group of us the floggers to check out their offerings there.

All of us are served with authentic Sour Plum Juice, a drink that is normally served in Taiwanese restaurants, and Home-made Herbal Tea, which comes in handily when eating heaty and hot food. I lost count how many times I went for refill that night.

The feast started with a bang, the first dish being the Formosa Special Combination Dish. The combo is made up of four different dishes (just like those typical “Four Seasons” dish during wedding dinners), namely the Stir-Fry Butter Eel, Sesame Pig’s Intestine, Grilled Prawns Stuffed With Garlic, and Fried Golden Mushrooms & Shell (La La) Meats.

All four tasted absolutely wonderful, but the Butter Eel (Unagi) and the Garlic Prawn outshone the other two. It is especially enjoyable eating the skewered prawns, with the strong aroma of the garlic lingers in your mouth.

Next come something that will make all men or carnivore (aren’t they the same?) salivating non-stop. The very sight of the Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig will bring out the sexy beast in anyone. And especially pork-deprived Damansara Heights corporate slaves like me, KampungBoyCityGal, and XiuLongBao.

I just can not refuse
this dish because the meat is tender and the skin
of the pig is just oh-so crispy. Best eaten after sprinkling it with vinegar oil, and then together with the green onion and the sweet sauce.

Then comes the two-variety ducks and the two-variety fishes. The ducks are made in two separate styles, one called the Sichuan Crispy Duck, which I thought was slightly too dry. The other one is Longan Roasted Pi-Pa Duck which is so nice I forgot to take a picture of it before being walloped by everybody.

The twin fishes were the Fermented Soy Bean Sauce Fish and the Formosan Special Fried Fish. Both tasted fresh and enjoyable, although the thick sauce that covered the Formosan Special Fried Fish was a tad too salty in my humble opinion. Once again, I was too busy gobbling other dishes that I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops!

Even the simple mixed vegetables dish was very enjoyable. There were asparagus, carrots, and other unindentified vegetables thrown together and stir-fried.

The Formosan Bamboo Yam Rice was a sight to behold. Hot steamy yam rice in exotic-looking bamboo container is a little irresistable to say the least. And it tasted as good as it looked too. I think I had two bowls of them even though my stomach was on the verge of exploding.

This one would have to be ordered 40 minutes in advance, so maybe you might want to give them a call to order it first before turning up for your meal there.

Just when we thought we can put down our cutleries, unbutton our pants to loosen it, we were suddenly told that we will be having Stone-fire Pot and Bonito-Mala Steamboat! What the?!?

A waiter came to our table with a big pot, and then non-chalantly threw all the ingredients into the pot and started stir-frying it. Wanted to give up at first when I heard steamboat, but with the aroma of the meat and the spices being stir-fried right in front of me, I quickly put down my mental white flag.

The Bonito (Smoked Tuna Flakes) and the Mala Steamboat were both smoking hot (pun intended). The Mala hot & spicy soup is not for the weak-hearted, as it is numbingly hot! My lips turned into some sort of “1901’s” hotdogs after eating a couple of food from the Mala side of the steamboat.

And if you are one of those more adventurous or suicidal type of person, you might want to try eating the steamboat with the given chilli oil/paste.

And the feast seems like there is no ending, as we are served with a number of unique and fantastic Taiwanese desserts. The Five Flavored Pudding (aloe vera, caramel custard, green tea, gui lin gou and mango) was a colourful treat to the eyes as well as the stomach. Makes me feel like a little kid crazy over the mum-made jellies in the fridge somehow!

Up next was another colourful dessert, the Handmade Glutinous Rice (Mua Chi). Unlike the local version that comes in one colour, this one are made of several colours. Sweet and nice, I can imagine eating them slowly over a movie. Yummm….

And then there was this famous Teochew dessert, known as Or Nee/ Oh-Nee. It is basically yam and pumpkin (mashed), with some gingko nuts on top.

But the one that left the most impression would have to be the Formosa Special Sweet Yam. It is an lovely experience seeing how the yam cube was first coated with hot caramel sauce and then quickly dipped into cold water to harden the sauce.

Eating it is like eating fried ice-cream, the sensation of the cold shell/crust on the outside and the hot cubed yam inside is simply wonderful. A definite must-try dessert if you ask me.

So there you go, a great feast by a lovely owner of a wonderful restaurant. I can’t remember when was the last time I had such a fantastic meal, and got to know so many new dishes too. New Formosa Restaurant is definitely the place to go if ever I develop cravings for Taiwanese food. Thanks again, Jeannie, and other floggers as well for making it such a unforgettable moment.

* try to spot me *

New Formosa Restaurant

Address: 46, Jalan SS 2/24,
               47300 Petaling Jaya.

* right opposite the Mobil station

Telephone: 03-7875 1894

Fax: 03-7729 0000

Mobile: 019-335 3274