Fannie’s 2007 Birthday at CoDo, Mid Valley

This is a looooooong overdue post that I have promised the birthday girl. But better be late than never right?

So some of us ex-OCFers of Adelaide (both UniSA and Adelaide U), met up at Co’Do, a Vietnamese restaurant at Mid Valley Megamall. There were 8 of us, namely Fannie the birthday girl, Eileen, Hui Yin, Elena, Crisandra, William, Danny and me.

As usual with ex-OCFers gathering like this, we basically chat chat chat, laugh laugh laugh, update update update, encourage encourage encourage and eat eat eat the whole night!

Plenty of good authentic (I think) Vietnamese food there at Co’Do. But of course, that means nothing without great fellowship with old friends eh?

And what’s a birthday celebration without a good big fattening cake right?


Happy 2*th Birthday to Fannie Lim aka Adelaide’s “Chi Fa” (The Flower)

Then most of us joined in Fannie‘s obsession with shape-able balloons. She was actually perfecting her skills with those balloons for her short-term mission trip to Salatiga, Indonesia.

Danny the Balloon Pumper

Look how frustrated William was! Kakakaka….

Gotta take a shot of him!

We had such a blast that day, just like any other time spent with other ex-OCFers (and OCFers too of course). Especially glad to get to catch up with Danny, who was back here from Adelaide for holiday. And also with Crisandra and Elena that I don’t meet up with often.

We really ought to do this more often la buddies!


There you go Fannie, stop haunting me in my dreams and boycotting my blog already ok?